Let’s Grow Together

As the sun rises once again, our team at Startup Southerner chooses today to join others in the entrepreneurial journey.

The temptation with such introductions is to go long, but honestly, we want you to see what Startup Southerner is all about by reading (and soon listening to) the stories we have on our publication.

So, today, let us give a somewhat-brief explanation of our name.

After researching several definitions of what startup means, we homed in on a few key descriptors, especially about growth and tackling problems in a different way. We believe that it doesn’t have to be a company to embody these characteristics attached to a startup. Why not a startup person, who may not yet have a business to run but treats every day as a new opportunity for growth? We strive to be a place where anyone can come to access the information, and perhaps utilize that knowledge, to help them take steps to become, among other things, an entrepreneur. Our content will be from a variety of sources, including expert columnists and the entrepreneurs themselves.

Why did we specify the South in our name? Well, why not? We don’t want to pretend to know the dynamics of the Silicon Valley ecosystem when we’ve never been a part of it. We want to talk about the community that we love.

Also, the reality is that so much of the innovation and disruption go unnoticed by larger media groups located elsewhere. But this may not necessarily be a bad thing. While they’re busy cheerleading themselves, we think the South is in a prime position to tackle real issues in entrepreneurship and society. As we stay under the radar as a region, let’s have honest dialogues about what solutions we need to come up with in order for everyone to have the information to empower them to fully participate in the economy.  

We are determined to grow and learn as we work out our own business model.  And we are committed to making information accessible to anyone who wants to be a part of the ever-changing economic landscape. Let’s stop chastising others for not having made it. You can’t bootstrap if you don’t have money to buy bootstraps, or know where to get them. We want to make that information available.

The launch is here, but our learning, changing and growing will not stop right here.

So, here’s to version 1.0.0 of Startup Southerner. Here’s to our community. Now, let’s get to work.