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Startup Southerner is an inclusive media platform that explores the dynamics of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the South. From community-contributed posts to in-depth articles, we strive to make information about participating in the new economy accessible to everyone.

Are you a news site?

Short Answer: No, we’re not.
Long Answer: We’re not a typical ‘news’ site, in that we are not in the business of breaking news. Our mission is to capture the insight into the news stories.

Is this only about tech? Is your site for people who know tech?

We are definitely not just for tech. Entrepreneurship encompasses an incredibly broad spectrum of industries. But do keep in mind that some form of technology is now almost always involved in growing a company that’s not tech. For instance, even if you’re a metal artist, you’re likely to be using some sort of social media to spread the news about your products.

Do the articles make sense only to those who already run businesses?

Definitely not! We are here for any ‘startup person.’ Here’s a great piece by Rachel Cypher, our staff writer, on Becoming a Startup Person.

Why is it for southerners?

Why not? 

Then who is this for?

You. Us. Anyone who wants to grow as a person, as a business, as a member of your community.  
Our primary mission is to make information available to anyone who wants to participate.

Who are you?

There are five of us on the core team: AF Bennett, L Anthony, N Norfolk, J Payne and R Cypher. Some of us have known each other since college, while some of us just met.

We also have four columnists! J Hare, S Steele, A Davie and C Lambert will be contributing their expertise and insights to Startup Southerner on a regular basis.